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Cloud 9 Immersive Sleep App has an updated light theme… Read below for more.

Cloud 9 update Dashboard iphone.png

Information the way you want it.

Improved visuals, and your most recent sleep-related information in an easier to read format.

Includes new widgets, so you can further customize your dashboard.

Cloud 9 update Stats iphone.jpg

Better Analytics at your fingertips.

Measures your heart rate, and snoring habits more effectively.

Check on your sleep goals by the day, week or the month.

This easier to use menu helps you better navigate through the analytics you need to measure your sleep progress.

Cloud 9 update Alarm iphone.png

Rise better than everyone one else.

Research has shown that the blue light from your phone actually disrupts your sleep cycle and keeps you awake.

The “Sun” will rise within this alarm, keeping you from that dreaded snooze button, by giving you the blue light necessary to start your day.

Wake up anywhere you want. Whether it’s by the seashore, or out on the plains.

Make it you best day.

Apple Watch widget.png

Sleeping made easier.

Just a tap away.

When enabled you can just tap on your watch or smartphone.

You can then rest easy, your alarm has been set, and your immersive sleep experience can begin.