R&J Construction was formed in 1983, they specialize in Hi-Rise drywall construction. They have been awarded many projects over the years, reaching a bonding capacity of nearly $200 million dollars, making them the largest minority drywall contractor in the New York metropolitan area.


Convincing the Stakeholders that a redesign of their website was necessary, and what it can do for their business was difficult. The stakeholder did not see much value in a digital presence, as their business did not rely on it. Explaining that 10-20 years ago that this practice may have been permissible, but not presently.

It was explained to them that some business decisions and contract awards may come down to their digital presence which includes social media.

Their attention to detail in all aspects of their business is what may make the difference, especially when the company in question makes claims to be the best and uses state-of-the-art technology.

Define/Action plan

Information and layout on this site is outdated. We are taking these steps to start the design process.

Start with questions to ask, what are they trying achieve with this site? What is the purpose?

We will research the websites of competitors as well as clients. This will help layout a framework to follow.

The wireframes will come next as, we start to put the site together. Test with the Mid-Fidelity prototypes, then move into the Hi-Fidelity prototype.

Then present to client for any feedback and revisions.



The purpose of this site is not necessarily to attract business, but to have a digital space for those who either want to connect with the company for further information, and share social media links and present projects.



The Design felt a bit “closed-in”, and it needed to be a bit more contemporary. It was difficult finding an image that would translate what the brand is and feelings of those behind it. It should inspire awe and majesty for just what building projects inspire and why they do it. Many of their pics were distorted, fonts were very difficult to read, and too many industry terms were thrown around.




We started with a high-res picture that we felt captured the brand of the company. We Rock NY is their way of saying they build NYC and this image also captures many of the building projects they were awarded.

Placing the company’s name at the top is a nod to being the top of the NYC drywall scene.

This image definitely brightened up the page, and using a Parallax scrolling website keeps it within the current trend. 

The former website had social media icons, they didn’t work, nor did the company have any accounts. So I created new social media accounts and added them to the new site. I wanted to convey the overall profile of the company in less than 10 sec if you are skimming, I put the phone number on the bottom of the page so that viewers can scan the page and hopefully get more out of the page than just looking for the phone number.