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Some FAQs

I am Robert Richardson, a School Bus Driver turned UX Specialist.

In my former role, it was important to understand my students. Both in their needs, as well as empathizing with them as individuals and as a group.

I also had to learn how to fill in my own knowledge gaps. I did this by listening and creating a feedback loop with students.

I have always encouraged students to venture into the tech field. This led to me leaving my driving position to create my own product that had ultimately failed.

So I started again. I applied to and won an Uber tech scholarship to attend Ironhack’s UX/UI Bootcamp in Miami. This was a great opportunity. I am so grateful to have learned and collaborated with others that shared similar passions and visions.

I am currently either managing or advising on several product teams. I enjoy the work, the research, and helping them build the best product with the user in mind.