SPI Digital Forms Tablets

Digital forms have been shown to reduce completion time by 35%. These forms were designed to function intuitively. It is also secured, saves on resources, and easy to organize. These forms can be changed and updated very quickly. There are online templates that are available to suit the needs of management.

Former Mobile Interface

The old interface had buttons that looked like ”spoons”, and there was a lot of white space. Overall this did not feel like a mobile app, or even a website. The Splash page and tag line did not give me any context as to what the app was about.


Version 2 WireFrame

By removing the spoons, we were able to redesign the layout of the task, while giving a bit more context to the purpose through “Secured Digital Forms”.

Displaying the property name on top gives the app a bit more personalization.

2 Versions of the main screen were tested, and the all white background was chosen by users.


Hi Fidelity Prototype

The gradient headers on the menu pages, were used inline with the current trend.

Because the tablet is used for both management and resident purposes, we used different colors to differentiate between the menus for quick recognition.

There is also a help feature, for step by step instructions, and emergency contacts for managers.