SPI Greeter Tablet

This is the lighter and more portable version of the self-service terminal. Features includes connecting with a virtual manager, submitting maintenance repair and complaint forms.

Best of all these tablets are secure and timestamped to avoid any confusion. These features are also sent as alerts to the on-site manager, to keep them abreast of these matters as well as the outcomes.



Making the interface feel as light as the tablet was important.

This started with just a minimalist approach. Because the screen is smaller, putting too much information or tasks can look cumbersome and confusing.

Also adding an accessibility button at the bottom, will reach out to users with any type of impairment, from Text on the screen, to magnification of words.


Hi Fidelity Prototype

We started out using the same color theme as self-service terminal. A few features on this version include a full screen button and a multilingual button can be customized for many different languages.

The challenge was to strike the right balance between all features, while keeping the User Interface consistent.