Sunny Palms Management was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing best in property management services in Palm Beach County Florida.

In late 2016, it was decided that a new product was needed to address many client concerns, chief of which was the availability of the onsite management offices and managers to address residents concerns. Helping to improve the experience of both managers and residents.

Sunny Palms started the SPI division to address these concerns.The SPI’s primary focus is to develop digital products that ensures an innovative, secure, and a true 24/7 Management team that can address many community problems, emergencies, and relieve strain on management resources while providing significant cost savings to the client.

Angie was the name given to these system of products.

Problem/Define/ Research

First problem. It is great idea but it was hard to market and sell. Property management companies and communities were not convinced that this would help them at all and thought that it was another expensive gimmick.

Second problem.. The UI was dated and they had no research to create a great marketing strategy.

We have defined the clients problems and have to come up with at strategy to address each issue.

First step, we know that SPI wants to stick to its current product line so we start with prototyping. By refining the workflow and the User Interface of the current product, we can start usability testing immediately.

Second step, by testing the potential users we can not only get the word out of this new product, but we can definitely use feedback to improve product features, or develop those we didn’t know where needed. The feedback would also help us pivot on the product’s MVP if necessary.

The Third step is presentation. We will present SPI with the research that we collected for their marketing strategy, this will include user feedback, qualitative and quantitative data. We will also present the updated User Interface for further promotional engagements and feedback.

Ideation/ . Prototype


Self-Service Terminal

SPI already have a prototype self-service terminal in place already. This unit is capable of performing many tasks. The interface was in need of a total redesign. The biggest concern being that many users did not understand the product, nor how to navigate it. We decided to conduct usability testing. We tested icons that best resembled the users mental model. We also decided to reduce the number of tasks to help simplify the overall experience.


The “Greeter” was a product of brainstorming meeting for this project. It was taken from the retail stores model of having someone greeting the guest as they entered the store.

The tablet was intended on being the happy medium for businesses that did not want a Self-Service Terminal, but still wanted SPI’s On-Demand Management Service. Most tablets have enough hardware to support these features, while keeping the cost down.

Forms for Rentals

This application was designed for businesses who want to go paperless. Analyzing the previous version of SPI’s digital forms application, we found that it had too many options. The UI looked dated, making it harder to “present” as a new product. It was decided to start with a clean slate. Stick to the MVP of the product which is the fastest way to fill out and secure a form. Make the forms easy to read and understand.

SPI Product Overview

Below is a list of the products that SPI offers. By clicking on the product, it would give you a more in depth overview of the process we used in developing the product.

Kiosk Main Page Mockup 20%.png

Self Service Terminal


“Greeter” Tablet


Digital Forms Tablet