Kiosk Main Page Mockup 20%.png

SPI Self Service Terminal

Some of the terminals key features include, connecting with a virtual Manager that can perform management duties 24/7, print temporary parking passes, display community rules, office hours, emergency contacts, and a Secure Box for packages for residents, that is released by the virtual management team. It also allows prospective residents to fill out applications after office hours, to help prevent morning inundation. It also boast “no more sick days”, and community business still continues.



The idea was to keep as much of the page simple and clear to read. Having the visually impaired in mind also played a part in this design.


Hi Fidelity Prototype

75% of users chose blue as the color they preferred. It also strikes a good contrast for readability. Custom color palettes are also available.

Using the Screen as office hours also helps in giving clear and concise information on one screen. Other on-screen features may include videos, weather and bulletins.

Design Changes

Based on Usability testing I made slight changes to the design. The first was the call buttons.

Based on user feedback, I changed it to be more visible and closer to the users mental model. It is easier to understand at first glance. Third round of testing yielded better results.


During testing, three color schemes where used, Orange, Red, and Blue. 75% of those tested chose the Blue color scheme.